Studio culture week – Fedrigoni

Our third studio week visit was to Fedrigoni, a paper supplier company. A place where we got learned that there are infinite kinds of papers.

The staff was really kind to show us around the studio, talked about how the paper is produce and what different projects and magazines they’ve worked for.

Studio presentation wise was the best one out of our the visits in my personal opinion. They had a selection of different books, magazines, 3d paper figures and boxes placed in shelves. And several drawers with booklets that contained different paper types, different colours, grains, transparencies…

They were so kind to let us take as many pictures as we wanted to and even gave us some postcards and books for us to have individually and on the studio.


Studio culture week- Magculture

On our visit to Magculture we got to experience more than 300 magazines, in a small shop, all different in style and theme.

img_1349It’s a place for people interest in editorial design to visit and buy and build their own archive or just go and have a look to what’s out there right now in contemporary design.

Their blog features a different magazines or book everyday, writing and article or
review about it. And it’s a really good site to spot new book and magazines out there that are not so easy to find in normal shops.

A great experience and staff that talked to us about the shop and site and showed us around.

Studio culture week- Hato press

First studio we visited during our studio culture week was Hato press, a risograph printing press based in Hoxton, London.

It was a very small place where they had some of their work laid out on the walls and others for sale. After explaining a few things about their studio and work , they took us to a smaller room where the risk printer was, and where we were shown how the printer worked. The studio was really colourful – complimented only by the chemistry between the people that worked; which was amazing in itself – they even told us how they had lunch together everyday and one of them was meant to cook each day!

Pick me up exhibition

A few weeks ago, I went to Somerset House to the Pick me up exhibition .

Pick Me Up is graphic Arts Festival , that features top emerging illustrators and designers as well as more established names in graphic arts. This year letterpress artist Alan Kitching had some of his work exhibited, and I was impressed of who far letterpress can be pushed and how he does really colourfull posters.

As a typography lover the exhibition was really well curated and I really enjoyed it. It was not free, but the money I pay for it, it was worth it.

“The world goes pop”, Tate museum.

Time back, we went with Cecile to The world goes pop exhibition at the Tate Modern.

We got there and took a group picture and then while they went to the exhibition a few of us went to get the tickets because we were not aware that it was a payed exhibition.

Then we enter the room and to be honest the first impression I had was ” wow! you can see this is pop art for a mile away!” I particularly don’t really like pop art event I love the use of colour and simple shapes. Overall, the exhibition was not bad, but compare to others I’ve been, it wasn’t worth the money I payed for it.

Studio culture week- Aboud creative

This second studio was the opposite to the Sainsbury ‘lab’. As soon as we walked through the door we were all wowed by their book collection. We all sat around a table and make jokes about them having and xbox for the tv in their studio, making it feel like home and not only like a work place. Then they showed as part of their portfolio and told what clients they worked for. Zara, H&M, Levi’s are some of their clients but the main one was Paul Smith, since they have been working with them for over 10 years. I found their worked quite repetitive, everything was mainly photography, but they was a video it quite amazed me; a brilliant idea. ‘A suit to travel in’ for Paul Smith collection.

A suit to travel in video

IMG_7471 IMG_7469  IMG_7467 IMG_7465 IMG_7457 IMG_7454 IMG_7463 IMG_7455

Studio culture week- Sainsbury

As part of the studio culture week, the empathy and enterprise group went to the saynsbury’s design “lab” (as they call it). It was located in the basement of the building, as the upper floor where used for the marketing and business the or “the suits”. At first everything looked really “clinic” and blank, with just lots of computer and clear screens that they use as whiteboards. Then a team of designers gave us a presentation that everyone enjoyed.

They went sent to the basement just a couple months ago, that’s why everything looked so white, but the team asked the architects to make it that way so they could stick things to the walls and make it theirs.

Their presentation was about web design, and user interfaces, that I personally didn’t know about. And they gave us some tips for our work too; to always ask ourselves, ‘Why am I doing it?’ and, ‘who am I doing it for?’.

IMG_7448 IMG_7447 IMG_7449 IMG_7453