Anthology Brief

Today, week 13,our studio got introduced to the new brief for the term.

The anthology brief is a life brief in which we will work alongside the English Literature and creative writing department.

An Anthology is a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing, and we are to re-design the final book.

There is two parts to this brief:

  1. The individual work

We where handed in each one an specific text, in my case a series of poems and we are to research the context, background and language and develop a visual interpretation of the text in a medium of choice. Printed (5 pieces) or screen base (animation).

2. Work in teams

there will be 4 groups that will have to compete to propose a new design for the anthology publication of this year.

The winning team will get to produce it and the other teams will help with the promotion of the launch event/exhibition

The pitch will be on week 17 and we’ll have to design it considering the budget given to print 300 copies .


It’s a very challenging brief, since we have only 4 week to prepare for the pitch and several things to research such as costs and not only design.

The individual part of the brief on the other side it’s something I find really enjoyable and useful for on portfolio and not only as a project.



Design bridge talk

Design bridge is an independent and international brand design agency, that creates ideas that HAPPEN.

Two of the their junior designers came to talk to us about what they do, their annual competition and to give us some professional advice for our CVs and portfolios.

I found their work impressive, specially their package design products and I really liked their way of making their ideas come to live all the time.

After the presentation, our studio, Empathy and Enterprise stayed to help them with research for one of the projects they were working on. Their client was Smirnoff and they needed to refresh its image so we answered a few question and gave them our opinion and possible ideas to do. We were only a few, so we got the chance after their research to ask questions about their agency, which it was good because we got their card and now have a contact if we want to have a interview with them in the future.

Cecile’s hot house talk

Last Friday, , our CIP teacher gave us a talk about how to set up a studio and plan our success with a few tips.

1.quick pitch


3.your name?

4.your background

5.what do you sell? research strategy

8.competitor analysis

9.operations and logistics much?(budget)


12.personal projects

After that, she showed us some of her projects for the design fair.

graphic design and illustration studios exhibition

The other studios had their different projects exhibited too, and it was explained to every other studio with their presentations in the morning.

First year with their different workshop outcome, press pass studio with their editions and typographic posters, local universe with their editions and imminent city with their ways of representing London ad their journeys.

Paper to paddle review

After all the morning finishing the last few details for the event, everything got ready on time and the Cafe where the exhibition took place looked very good. All the paddles where properly placed on the wall or the tables. We had a ping pong table in the middle of the room so guests could play and have fun and event the vinyl signage outside the window didn’t look as well as expected due to its transparency, people could find their way in.

On the contrary of what we all expected, the event was very familiar. It was our year, a few students from other courses, friends and family and the people from the art of ping pong that sponsored us and nous vous that made a paddle for the event.

When the live auction started it all went really quick and all the paddles were sold very quick. one of my paddles was sold by our tutor Ricardo.

At the end of the event we had collected a lot of money for children in need and everyone enjoyed the event.


ping pong paddle presentation

As part of the project, we had to come up with a presentation in group.

The presentation had to include a display for the event, a name and motto, a logo, sponsorship , marketing campaign and the bidding process

Clelia and Kevin presented our ideas at the five foot six studio and all the merit for the illustrations goes to Kevin. Th e rest helped developing the ideas, brainstorming. And most important, walking around and asking university employees about what could it be done or not at the cafe for the event to set possible goals.

Metamorphosis Paddles_Presentation_Clelia Giannuoli_Kevin Li (3)Ping Pong Logo