The shadows photo record

Before choosing the final 5 photograph for my project I took over a 100, that are the recording of every single element that surrounded me on my site for an hour.

I then choose 5 that related and created a story with them.



The shadows, final outcome

After printing the photograph I chose for the project, what better way than tell a story than with a quote and images. I decided to do a booklet.

To do so, I used black cardboard for the photograph pages and ivory bookcloth for the cover. Then I hand binded it and here’s a few pages of the outcome

The shadows research

From the list of photographers we recieved to research , my fauvorite one by far was George Rousee, a french artist and photographer. What impressed me the most, was the way he mixed hisown  paintings on a certain site and photograph them in a way and angle that it creates shapes.

It got me thinking that as a designer, the way u can photograph your work can create beautiful series with perfect layout that have a relationship between them.


The shadows beginning

As part of the brief my group (james, Adam and Simon) and I went to the middle of st katherine docks and sat on a table echa one facing a different direction for an hour and a half. I started taking photos of everything not really knowung what was I going to do for the proyect, but it actually helped to make me think about what could I take pictures of for an hour and a half on the sme spot , and concentre on the details 

Here are a few of the pictures: