LMNH final book

Improved book and finally printed and bound properly. Ready for submission!


LMNH idea and outcome

So after my visit to the cafe , I decided I wanted to show the brand touchpoint by telling my personal visit and experience in a small book. Originally, I posterised the pictures with photoshop for the book and worked on the layout with indesign. After printing a copy on its original size (10 by 10 cm) I showed it to Adrian and my studio colleagues. They gave me ideas on how to improved it. First, to use the original pictures, and second of all to work on some of the pages layout. I had to correct some spelling mistakes to I had on the first print but all the comments helped the idea to be improved.


IMG_7603 IMG_7604 IMG_7606 IMG_7609

Look mum no hands brief

this first project is to observe and record the import ‘brand touchpoint’ of a little cafe in Old street called Look mum no hands.

talk, visit, observe from outside. Take photos, make observations and drawings to inform the projects. Ask customers and staff questions.

Then turn observations into a story showing a day in the life of the brand, choosing a format for telling the story: montage, illustration, storyboard, movie, animation or book.

I visited the cafe for the fist time with Joao and we both ordered a coffee and sat down, then started drawing and taking pictures. After a while we ask a member of staff that was on her break a few questions about the place.