Package design for ‘Hello World’

6 different flavours to choose from, combine them as you like in a weekly box or buy individually. flavour filled toast balls.

package design.jpg


My infographics

After the survey for this project was done, an the infographic session with Ricardo, we had to create our own infographic based on the survey. I decided to represent only one of the questions, that was : choose between… ( and 5 options). out of 50 people I received 73 answers, because most of them choose two, and this is what I came out with. (picture above). Simple and clear.


What do you have on your toast? 

My research continues, and I’m happy to say that Adrian’s obsession for questioning everything it’s really helping me. Now I’m starting to questioning everythig, like… Why is the product I want to create not already out there? Is there any reasons? Is a good idea …? I’m trying to find answers for every question.

My original odea was to create a package for mini toasts and different dips to have on the go, but the more reaseaech I do the more I twist and change my idea to meke it better, and even of it’s taking me long , I’m having fun with it.

This os what I found out about different dips people all around the world have on their toast. If u have something that’s bot in the list with your toast, please comment.

Breakfast unscrambled brainstorm ideas

In group with wrote on different colour post its 1.miche communities, 2.customer needs, 3.ideas for products. And after just a few minutes each group add a wall with lots of idea. It was interesting playing around and taking one idea from each colour post it and try to come up with and idea for the project. For me it really helped, even if now I and I think most of the class is stressing out about how much research we have to do in just two weeks.

Infographics with Ricardo

As a way to learn how to represent our collected data from the survey my studio had a lesson with Ricardo on infographic that I really enjoyed and found useful.

We listened to Ricardo’s presentation and then realised three quick tasks as a way to practise.

The first task:

Write our journey to uni in 50 words and follow Ricardo’s instructions.

infographics collageWe had to draw a timeline from the time we left our house until the time we arrived to uni, and draw 3 logos we saw on the way a noise and a smell and then read our 50 words and see how much of our timeline was written on the journey summary.

The second task:

ISOTYPEChoose a subject and draw and isotope of our 5 favourite things about it. I chose League of legend as a su
bject (a computer game). And my favourite things were Skype, the computer, the mouse, the 12 keys I use and the strategy from the game.

As I didn’t understand this task to well I just drew
of the my favourite things and left it like that.

The third task:

Choose 10 films and give them a percentage that add to 100. Then open sheets on google and make a tree map. A way to learn how to represent data.

Breakfast unscrambled survey

week 5 starts! and with it , the 3rd project, Breakfast unscrambled. The task runs through three phases, research, concept and design.

The first phase is the research. First we needed to do a survey to people in the street. So I did it on the high street where I live. I spent all day asking people three questions.

-What did you have for breakfast and why?

-Where and why? IMG_7619

-And to choose from a list of breakfast products and why they chose that

At the end of the day I had 52 people answers and something to work from. That was the primary research that then I analysed on my sketchbook.