Brand flip experimentation

After a first fail for this project I decided to interpret the same text in a different way, by highlighting the most important messages for me.

“i want an experience” vs “I need stuff”

My new outcome…


I’m happier with this one comparing it to my first outcome, but still not completely happy with it. Since it was a quick project and we didn’t have much time it’s a god outcome in my opinion, but I’ll probably come back to it.


John Berger- ways of seeing research

After my feedback with Susana for all my projects , she suggested that for my Brand flip  it would be good to research about this book so it would help me improve the outcome. I ordered it, but since the book is taking long to arrive, I decided to watch the 4th episode of a series of 4 about John Berger’s book from 1972.

This episode analyses the images of advertising and publicity and shows how they relate to the tradition of oil painting – in moods, relationships and poses.

John berger- ways of seeing, episode 4

It helped me for the project since I decided to change it and use photography for it. I just need to sketch my idea and try to photograph objects related to my text from different perspectives and ways of seeing them.

The Brand Flip

Week 4, and our second project starts. The brand Flip. I had to reed this book by Marty Neumeier. A book about marketing essentially, and how brands create customers and costumers brands. A brilliant book that I recommend to read.

The task was to choose 300 words of the book and create a design for its content. A really quick project that lasted less than a week finished and ready for the third project!