Paper to paddle review

After all the morning finishing the last few details for the event, everything got ready on time and the Cafe where the exhibition took place looked very good. All the paddles where properly placed on the wall or the tables. We had a ping pong table in the middle of the room so guests could play and have fun and event the vinyl signage outside the window didn’t look as well as expected due to its transparency, people could find their way in.

On the contrary of what we all expected, the event was very familiar. It was our year, a few students from other courses, friends and family and the people from the art of ping pong that sponsored us and nous vous that made a paddle for the event.

When the live auction started it all went really quick and all the paddles were sold very quick. one of my paddles was sold by our tutor Ricardo.

At the end of the event we had collected a lot of money for children in need and everyone enjoyed the event.



Paper to paddle preparation

As part of the project and exhibition we split the class in groups to get everything done for the event. I was part of the auction team.

We had to create biding sheet for  each paddle as we didn’t know at the beginning with of the paddle were going to be at the live auction, so better be prepared.

As every event, there’s minor issues and one of those was the the pictures of the paddles taken by the photography team didn’t reach the standards we expected so James, Maria, Kat and me retook the pictures a couple days before the event.

Reanne, Nicole, Andrew and me as part of the auction team needs to prepare the live auction biding once the paddles were chosen. We asked everyone to name their paddle and we wrote a short description about it.

The stress levels before the event were high since a few people had to do lot of things to get everything done and since most of the thing were left for the last moment.

Photographing the paddles

As the event is in less than a week and the photography team didn’t photograph my paddles properly for the exhibition catalogue I decided to do it myself today, and I’m quite happy with it. Working in group it’s so much complicated than I expected but I’m sure everything will be ready the day of the event. I’m designing the biding sheets for the paddles that were not shortlisted too, so tomorrow with some help from other colleagues will be photographing all the paddles. again.

IMG_7641 copy IMG_7644 copy IMG_7639 copy

Paddle improvements

After friday’s CIP lesson, were we talked about our paddles, the overall reaction from Kieron and Cecile was that we all had great ideas but the outcone wasn’t great. One of my paddles was printed on poster paper and one of the sides looked a bit pixelated. But because poster paper is expensive I decided that I would leave it as it was. My second paddle I have to admit that it was just a trial, and it looked messy, but because everyone liked it I decided to try to improve it with the materials I had at home. And eventho it’s not perfect, I’m quite happy with the outcome. 


ping pong paddle presentation

As part of the project, we had to come up with a presentation in group.

The presentation had to include a display for the event, a name and motto, a logo, sponsorship , marketing campaign and the bidding process

Clelia and Kevin presented our ideas at the five foot six studio and all the merit for the illustrations goes to Kevin. Th e rest helped developing the ideas, brainstorming. And most important, walking around and asking university employees about what could it be done or not at the cafe for the event to set possible goals.

Metamorphosis Paddles_Presentation_Clelia Giannuoli_Kevin Li (3)Ping Pong Logo

Paper to paddle preparation

The exhibition for our paddles is on the 13th of this month and our year have several thing to prepare as it’s our event. We decided to name it Paper to Paddle and we all divided the class in groups. I’m on the sponsorship and auction team. Each one has a main role on each team. My role is to talk and introduce 15 of the best paddle during the live auction and obviously to help with sponsorship and everything else.

As the paddle is meant to be done by Friday the 6th, I had already finished one a ew weeks ago and since I had time I decided to make another one.

It wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be, but since I dedicated quite a lot of time on it,I ‘m still going to show it at the event and try to collect some extra money for children in need by selling it. It’s all for a good cause.

IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7614

Keeping up with work!

As it is the beginning of the course and we don’t have any main projects still going on, it time to start working on the ping pong paddle for the 13th of November exhibition at uni, and not leave it for the last week before the event. So I went to buy the cheapest paddle
and and extra paddle just in case something goes wrong and started to sand it. I thought it was gonna be harder but it really wasn’t. First step for an amazing paddle done, and more to come.