Lakwena talk

Lakwena a a designer passionate about typography. On the hot house talk she talked about her work, how she started and where she’s currently doing.

She had problem at university with her teacher due to the briefs set up didn’t let her to do what she really wanted, but how they actually helped her to develop her style and force herself to experiment more.

Overall, it was a nice talk that showed us an example of how to start to work after we finish the course and what to do.


Cecile’s hot house talk

Last Friday, , our CIP teacher gave us a talk about how to set up a studio and plan our success with a few tips.

1.quick pitch


3.your name?

4.your background

5.what do you sell? research strategy

8.competitor analysis

9.operations and logistics much?(budget)


12.personal projects

After that, she showed us some of her projects for the design fair.

graphic design and illustration studios exhibition

The other studios had their different projects exhibited too, and it was explained to every other studio with their presentations in the morning.

First year with their different workshop outcome, press pass studio with their editions and typographic posters, local universe with their editions and imminent city with their ways of representing London ad their journeys.

Sarah Boris- Hot House talk

Last Friday, Sarah boris gave us a talk about all the work she’s done so far. She’s a french artist and designer that has worked for several companies and studios like the Barbican art centre. And has recently opened a small studio where her work is exhibit and people can go and see the process.      I found it quite interesting how having a job with a company she decided to leave and find new projects. And event tho as a designer you have to do what the clients wants for its product sometimes is good to develop the idea and see how further can you take it to improve the final client decision.

Triple double (hot house talk)

Second hot house talk, first for me as I could make it to the first one. Triple double talked about process. I can’t say much about it but a few quotes I liked from the presentation. He explained the process of three of his projects in the past, the most interesting one for me, the Nike 78 one.

-Immersion: to become an expert, become an expert.

-Collaborate: there is always a better designer, developer or client out there.

-Create: done is better than perfect, but pursue perfection and play with it.