Second Duke of Uke presentation

For our second presentation, due to time managment issues, I could not development my designs further so I decided to just use some of the designs and give them a purpose, in my case, instagram posts.


Duke of uke presentation feedback

The owners from Duke of uke came to uni to give us feedback on what we had done so far for their 10th-anniversary celebration. We all did a short presentation about our work. I think they really liked mine because they said one of the images could be used not only for Instagram , but they could see it as a big billboard somewhere in London, what I was really happy about. But as a criticism, they told me that every single piece could be improved and with the right dedication and work put into in I could come up with really good final pieces for the final presentation. they told the whole class to concentrate on the purpose of our pieces and show them how would it look on the actually site. So, time to work and impove my work.

Duke of Uke brief

Duke of Uke is a ukuleles and banjos little shop in London. We visited it last Friday as part of our CIP new project and as an ukulele and guitar player I have to admit I was quite excited to go.

When we got there the first thing everyone noticed was the christmasy window display and the variety of ukuleles on the inside of the shop.

Cecilie introduced us to the owner of the shop and explained to us the brief for these project. We have to choose between four options, for the 10th anniversary of the shop.

A window display design, a gif or animation, a minimum of 5 visuals for Instagram, or a visual identity for the brand.

I chose the 5 visuals for Instagram since I want to use photography for this project but I might experiment some designs for a window display too.

After we were introduced to the brief, the owner told us about how the shop started and its style and values so we can use it for our brief keeping its original vintage style. He told us that he’s an illustrator, designer and animator too so it’ll be good to research his work too.