Bookbinding workshop with Cecile

Today we had a bookbinding workshop with Cecile and even if only a few people went, everyone really enjoyed it. Everyone should learn from this workshop, so I recommend everyone to go to the next session on April 13th, you won’t regret it.

We learned how to sew a book, and the good thing about this is that from now on, we can make our own sketchbooks with any paper we want and even publications and portfolio books. The best part of the workshop, (and hardest) was to make a hardcover. Lots of PVA glue and sticking involved but still really useful and enjoyable. Apart from that, Cecile

Apart from that, Cecile showed us examples of different books options, such as soft  covers, Konstantinas and children books.

At the end of the day, we all had created a book, and everyone was happy with their own. So remember, April 13th everyone that’s interested come!

My first book and Cecile’s three little books:


Adrian and Mathew core workshop

After Mathew gave us a presentation on triangular thinking and text explosions, explaining that the link between image, text and sound and how each is a separate field but can enclose the other two.

After that, we watched the final scene of Zabriskie point a few times and we had to write done everything that we saw, hear, or text present on the film. I wrote down the description of everything I saw and then we went to the computer room with Adrian to start a related photoshop and after effects workshop.

first we needed to write our text with Arial black typeface. Then we had to choose a short sentence from it. I chose “the palette has changed.” The outcome of the workshop was to make text explosions.



working from this image we first wrote our sentence and then started creating layers, smart object and working slowly to make the text appear shattered. I learned new thing and controls I didn’t know from this workshop.

the palette has changed

This was the final outcome on photoshop. The we went into after effects and created a 3-second moving image of the image exploding , with a broken glass effect.

The purpose of this was to show us that when we are working on something and we don’t know what else to do with it, we can use the triangle of image text and sound and come up with new ideas and ways of seeing. In this case, the moving image could be stopped and then used all the still as individual posters having different outcomes.

Kieron’s talk

Last Friday, Kieron gave us a talk about how to make puppets for an animation, and I really enjoyed it. The thing I found more interesting was the materials he uses and were to get them since I make cosplays and it can help me come up with new ideas for the materials I use.

I’m planning on making my own puppet too and see what I can do with it !