Brand theatre exhibition

Last Friday, our studio had the brand theatre displays exhibited and it was quite a success in addition with our presentation and other projects done until now, like LMNH, brand flip and breakfast unscrambled.

Here are some of the displays from the students from empathy and enterprise studio.


Brand theatre preparation

In preparation for Friday studio display, the map and tags are already up and ready.

It took me long and it was hard to place the wood with hooks where the balls are gonna be hanging, but since it’s not really safe and steady, the final spheres will be up on Friday morning .

I decided after the preparation that adding a few more tags will be a good idea and the last thing to do will be to print my connect board, logo, infographic, package ideas and more outcomes from the breakfast unscrambled brief.

Studio preparation for brand theatre

On preparation for the brand theatre exhibition we made group of two or three people for different task such as display, photography, searching of materials to use, signage and vinyl studio values. I was in the group with Eduardo and Adam searching materials to use in the studio for our different projects. At the end of the day the studio looked organised and ready for exhibition!

Creating my window display

First step and idea of my window display is create 6 spheres with the actual ingredients my brand has as options.

Once this is done, next step will be to design tags for each sphere with the origin location and history of each ingredient and the world map to use as background.

The last step will be to set it all up in the studio and think how to hang or place everything.

Brand theatre brief

Two to options for these brief where or to create a window display for my breakfast unscrambled brand or a minimum of 20 merchandise products without using the logo. I decided to do the window display and since my brand is global and the flavours are a very important part of the product I decided I wanted to use the actual ingredients for my window display and a map, suitcase, or something that represents the global factor of the brand.

The first step was research and I found several window displays I could use as reference.