Anthology Brief

Today, week 13,our studio got introduced to the new brief for the term.

The anthology brief is a life brief in which we will work alongside the English Literature and creative writing department.

An Anthology is a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing, and we are to re-design the final book.

There is two parts to this brief:

  1. The individual work

We where handed in each one an specific text, in my case a series of poems and we are to research the context, background and language and develop a visual interpretation of the text in a medium of choice. Printed (5 pieces) or screen base (animation).

2. Work in teams

there will be 4 groups that will have to compete to propose a new design for the anthology publication of this year.

The winning team will get to produce it and the other teams will help with the promotion of the launch event/exhibition

The pitch will be on week 17 and we’ll have to design it considering the budget given to print 300 copies .


It’s a very challenging brief, since we have only 4 week to prepare for the pitch and several things to research such as costs and not only design.

The individual part of the brief on the other side it’s something I find really enjoyable and useful for on portfolio and not only as a project.



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