Box making and other outcomes

Time to try my different ideas. First step was to make a box to fit the zines, so A5 size. I had white, brown and black cardboard to use, so I started with the brown one.

The proceed to try my first idea, stamps imitation letterpress, but I did not like the result on paper so I moved from there. Then I tried to use our studio logo, but I struggled to figure out how to print it with the box already made, So that took me to a second idea.

Using acetate and attaching it to the box. I tried both, the title of the project and studio name, and my actual poster zine design which I ended up using. Then I decided to use a white thin stripe of tape to hold it down and use it for the exhibition, since I had to have something done but didn’t want it to be my final one.

After putting the box aside and making another box, this time black, I decided to order vinyl cut, but it wold not arrive until after the exhibition. With all the paper I pulled out of my drawer to experiment with I decided to use my colour designs to print on tracing paper to experiment and see the outcome. So I did, and ended please with the prints as a set.

The last step was to fill the box with all the zines and check everything fit perfectly. It ended up being a little too big for so little zines so the black one I kept it thinner.


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