Publishing Unbound exhibition

After two month of research, workshops and development, all the studio member came with fantastic project outcomes and we were able to have a very successful exhibition showcasing our final Publishing Unbound zines and binding methods as the centre piece and development sketchbooks and workshop outcomes surrounding it, creating an exhibition or better said, a feeling of our studio.


Porterzine print swapping and studio exhibition

Once the 25 copies of my zine were finished, printed and folded, it was time to swap them with my studio members. It was a great opportunity to give and receive feedback from your classmates  and also to create a mini studio exhibition and see how our work played off. Once we swapped then I ended up with a stack of colourful zines ready to bind, On the same day we also had a great chance to photograph properly our work in the studio for our portfolios.

Box making and other outcomes

Time to try my different ideas. First step was to make a box to fit the zines, so A5 size. I had white, brown and black cardboard to use, so I started with the brown one.

The proceed to try my first idea, stamps imitation letterpress, but I did not like the result on paper so I moved from there. Then I tried to use our studio logo, but I struggled to figure out how to print it with the box already made, So that took me to a second idea.

Using acetate and attaching it to the box. I tried both, the title of the project and studio name, and my actual poster zine design which I ended up using. Then I decided to use a white thin stripe of tape to hold it down and use it for the exhibition, since I had to have something done but didn’t want it to be my final one.

After putting the box aside and making another box, this time black, I decided to order vinyl cut, but it wold not arrive until after the exhibition. With all the paper I pulled out of my drawer to experiment with I decided to use my colour designs to print on tracing paper to experiment and see the outcome. So I did, and ended please with the prints as a set.

The last step was to fill the box with all the zines and check everything fit perfectly. It ended up being a little too big for so little zines so the black one I kept it thinner.

Exhibition preparation and work photographs

Exhibition time, a week from now, while studio members still have to finish the box or binding for the stack of zines, some of us start setting up a few pieces around the studio and planning the outcome.

We also set up a photography studio on one corner of the room for us to photograph our final zine and have some good shots for our portfolio. First project almost finished, and a new one to come after the break. Proud of the outcomes so far.