Printing and final folded stack of zines

Once I had the paper and the finished zine, it was time to print it. Since it was black and white, the quicker and best option for my paper was laser print. The first thing to do, was to cut all the paper in A3 pieces, the actual size of the final zine. Then I took it to Print Britannia, since after a few trials with the library printer, I noticed that the ink dried very slow on my paper so when printing multiple copies, the papers ended up in the same tray and when looking at them, the ink had smudged all over them.

Once printed, I realised that I did not take in consideration that laser printers always have white edges around, but fortunately, it was a very small white edge so it did not look too bad.

Next step, folding them. After an hour and a half folding 30 zines, I had to place several heavy books on, to flatten them, since the paper was too thick and hard to fold and it didn’t look flat when folded.

At the end, I was quite please with how the paper made y design look and with the design itself, events the complications in the way. Ready for the exhibition!

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