Cover inspiration and inconvenient

After some research and typographic poster inspiration, The first idea that came to my mind was to go to letterpress and experiment with the word “Print” and with the same method as the article, repetition and  interesting layout.

Unfortunately, the letterpress room was going to be closed until after the deadline, so I had to move away from that idea and sketch something else. I still wanted to have a letterpress effect, so the typeface I used in my first article layout title came to my mind. Cocogoose Letterpress regular. The type was too round and not tall enough for watch I wanted it for, so the final decision was to use photoshop as my medium to manipulate type and create the final poster. There’s always some kind of problems when designing and it will make you take a step back, but sometimes, that issue will force you to think different and come up with an even better result than the initial idea.


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