Article layout and feedback

Once the article was ready and the images chosen, I started working on the layout.

I took inspiration from a zine found on the letterpress room while on my internship. The article in this zine worked beautifully with a single image, and events it was very simple, it delivered it’s purpose, being readable and pleasant to the reader.

After working with my article and the best images I had, I moved on to choose the typeface. Gill sans worked quite well with the style I was going for, Since I could use the bold style for the questions, and regular for the body text in point size 10, making it very easy to read when printed on an A4  page.

For the Title, I decided the best mach to paired it with was Cocogoose letterpress regular, since it imitated a printed letterpress font and It paired well with the theme of the article. Following the requirements of one colour only, I edited the pictures to black and white and followed to imitate the zine article I took inspiration from.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 18.09.26.png

After having some feedback from Alistair, He encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and play with repetition and a “more daring” layout. He gave me some ideas and proceed to tel me to change the title font if I wanted to use it on the poster too.

So, back to indesign and sketching layouts.


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