Magazine layout workshop

Today’s workshop consisted on researching and observing different magazines and get layout inspiration from it for our zines. We had to work in couples, and me and my couple Finn, chose the magazine FRAME to describe and analyse and then share it with the studio. The second task of the day was to design our own cover for the magazine in an hour, altering the hierarchy of the elements found on an magazine issue, and improving a thematically magazine, suck as fashion, architecture, design, photography…

We came out with a bright yellow cover, a architecture magazine. Black and yellow are a combination of colour which people are drawn to. The issue number on the left top corner, no margins. Barcode as a centre piece, framed with a square, since we decided to call it Block. It was a very quick and successful outcome. A helpful workshop that made me realise that designing it’s not always about following rules and stereotypes, but to be more playful with the design and chanting things for a purpose.


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