Ricardo’s session (morning)

The first day after easter break we had a lesson with Ricardo where we looked at visual language.

In the morning we went to the computer room and played a few games. The first one color.method.ac , in which we explore colour and the second, shape.method.ac in which we had to guess the shape of a letter given the name of the font and a distorted letter to start with.

After that, we went back to our studio and got a paper with symbols that we were meant to cut out and form a sentence with them that made sense for us. We did this exercise in groups and to my surprise each group has a completely different sentence, but at the end there was only one correct order.

This games and exercises helped me to do more research on how I use colour on my work and how can affect it and  how sometimes it is not necessary to use text, only with symbols or images we can communicate what we want to say.


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