Trials on different materials

Sometimes colours change when you print then on different material and it’s worth trying before printing the finial outcome.

As it’s final purpuse is going to be a notebook cover, I bought some canvas cotton paper to use, but I did’t realise it wasn’t completly white and it’s not good for printing either.

The results… The colour lost its intensity and it came out patchy.

I have a few more different papers to try and since most of them do not have the best colour payoff when printed on them, I decided not to use the pastel palette and go for the vibrant one.



Colour palette decision

After going through different colour palettes and tones I finally choose two possible palettes, one with pastel colours and the other more vibrant. It’s better to have two options and try then both to see which one does the job better.


As these colours are going to from patters for a notebook, I decided to combine a few an see how they worked together. The result was actually good and I’m excited to play with them and see what I can do.

1cover 1

The shadows beginning

As part of the brief my group (james, Adam and Simon) and I went to the middle of st katherine docks and sat on a table echa one facing a different direction for an hour and a half. I started taking photos of everything not really knowung what was I going to do for the proyect, but it actually helped to make me think about what could I take pictures of for an hour and a half on the sme spot , and concentre on the details 

Here are a few of the pictures:


Pattern research

As part of my final piece for Brnd that can, I’m creating a series of different pattern designs for notebooks and a box that will contain them all as a pack with the logo and manifesto on a card inside it and how the capaign work and what will it do.

The notebooks are already done and prepared for the pattern covers to be glued. The box shape is ready aswell, only the outside design has to be created.

Now is time to do some reasearch into patterns and chose a color palette for my designs, since my logo is black and white.

Here’s a few ideas I found for inspiration:

Ricardo’s lesson (afternoon)

After a presentation about principlesof design our task was to choose two films and create minimal posters that represented them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 20.50.04

I chose Top gun and Monster inc. to represent. With Top gun I chose shape as and element and contrast as principle and the outcome:

top gun 2

And for monster inc., I had to different outcomes, one using just color and shape and the other one using patterns, colours and shapes.

Ricardo’s session (morning)

The first day after easter break we had a lesson with Ricardo where we looked at visual language.

In the morning we went to the computer room and played a few games. The first one , in which we explore colour and the second, in which we had to guess the shape of a letter given the name of the font and a distorted letter to start with.

After that, we went back to our studio and got a paper with symbols that we were meant to cut out and form a sentence with them that made sense for us. We did this exercise in groups and to my surprise each group has a completely different sentence, but at the end there was only one correct order.

This games and exercises helped me to do more research on how I use colour on my work and how can affect it and  how sometimes it is not necessary to use text, only with symbols or images we can communicate what we want to say.

Brand that Can Mood Board

A very important part of any project, campaign or brand identity is to have a mood board so the client understands the idea of the brand with a few images.

My campaign is called NOTEPAL campaign and it’s puspuse is to sell notebook and stationary objects in different shops, that will use the money earned to send to poor countries materials for education and as a thank you the children will be able to send you a letter or drawing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 18.45.59.png