Secret seven answer!

I’m happy to say that one of my secret seven cover designs was chosen to be on the show!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 18.24.07.png


Lakwena talk

Lakwena a a designer passionate about typography. On the hot house talk she talked about her work, how she started and where she’s currently doing.

She had problem at university with her teacher due to the briefs set up didn’t let her to do what she really wanted, but how they actually helped her to develop her style and force herself to experiment more.

Overall, it was a nice talk that showed us an example of how to start to work after we finish the course and what to do.

Accidents happen!

Meet my burnt brains!  What happens when you overthink…

This morning, I woke up and went to bake the brains but I read the instruction wrong and set the oven at a really high temperature. After 15 minutes, something smelt like burned so I went to the kitchen and it was all cover in smoke … Lesson learned! First baking trial- failed. 

Ps: good news, I didn’t set my house on fire

Brain ideas development

What better way to see if ideas work than to leave the sketchbook on one side and start experimenting! I went to buy some polymer clay, so I could start sculting and getting a 3d idea of what i would like to do.First time using this kind of clay, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. 

After a few failed experiments I decided to research some techniques from youtube and my 4th result was pretty good. I did only to halfs so I can bake them tomorrow and experiment with the paint. 

If everything goes to plan, I would have at the end a total of 8 halfs and a whole brain! Sounds weird… Here’s my results until now


New idea for Beyond limits

The brain, in my opinion, the most interesting organ worth studying. Scientists believe that our right side of the brain is the artistic side and our left side is the logic one. So… how to represent this idea? and what’s next?

Creating small size sculpture of the brain cut in half in which interior will have drawings of  different representations of the area of study such as  creativity, art, music, maths, logic and analysis. For the display, there’s too possible ways, the first one as shown in the image and the second on a life-size brain sculpture cut in half making it more clear.

How to make it? after researching different materials I found that the easiest and better way to do ti would be to use polymer clay and then hand painted giving a move realistic look if done properly.

Bookbinding workshop with Cecile

Today we had a bookbinding workshop with Cecile and even if only a few people went, everyone really enjoyed it. Everyone should learn from this workshop, so I recommend everyone to go to the next session on April 13th, you won’t regret it.

We learned how to sew a book, and the good thing about this is that from now on, we can make our own sketchbooks with any paper we want and even publications and portfolio books. The best part of the workshop, (and hardest) was to make a hardcover. Lots of PVA glue and sticking involved but still really useful and enjoyable. Apart from that, Cecile

Apart from that, Cecile showed us examples of different books options, such as soft  covers, Konstantinas and children books.

At the end of the day, we all had created a book, and everyone was happy with their own. So remember, April 13th everyone that’s interested come!

My first book and Cecile’s three little books:

Naming my campaign: time to do some reading.

The hardest thing of creating a campaign for me is naming it, coming up wit a catchy name that will comunicate something about the campaign or brand itself. After fridays tutorials with Emily., some people from my studio gave me a few ideas and told me what to do for inspiration (letterpress), but then I decided to get some inspiration from the book “designing a brand identity” that Ricardo introduced to us. And now it’s time to carry on brainstorming and hopefully coming up with a really good name for my campaign.

Beyond limits: makeup throughout the decades

Being a makeup lover myself I decided to research and experiment with makeup to create different illusion and ways to make portraits of the same person change depending on the makeup worn. As and inspiration for this idea I found this video.

From this I want to experiment with both, doing my makeup in different ways and taking portraits or drawing portraits of different makeup trends throughout the decades, including what I would think it will look like in the future.

NOTE: maybe try and actually draw with makeup tools.