Duke of uke presentation feedback

The owners from Duke of uke came to uni to give us feedback on what we had done so far for their 10th-anniversary celebration. We all did a short presentation about our work. I think they really liked mine because they said one of the images could be used not only for Instagram , but they could see it as a big billboard somewhere in London, what I was really happy about. But as a criticism, they told me that every single piece could be improved and with the right dedication and work put into in I could come up with really good final pieces for the final presentation. they told the whole class to concentrate on the purpose of our pieces and show them how would it look on the actually site. So, time to work and impove my work.


Duke of Luke first outcomes

After research on their style, their color scheme and logo and all their social media and website I started a few design for the 5 pictures for their Instagram account.

So far I have 4 designs with variations on size, color and use of different elements.

Design bridge talk

Design bridge is an independent and international brand design agency, that creates ideas that HAPPEN.

Two of the their junior designers came to talk to us about what they do, their annual competition and to give us some professional advice for our CVs and portfolios.

I found their work impressive, specially their package design products and I really liked their way of making their ideas come to live all the time.

After the presentation, our studio, Empathy and Enterprise stayed to help them with research for one of the projects they were working on. Their client was Smirnoff and they needed to refresh its image so we answered a few question and gave them our opinion and possible ideas to do. We were only a few, so we got the chance after their research to ask questions about their agency, which it was good because we got their card and now have a contact if we want to have a interview with them in the future.

Creating mood boards

After choosing a brand or campaign to start working with, we had to create to boards on Pinterest , one with images from that campaign and another one with similarities.

I cho the red campaign, and for the similarities folder I looked for tags such as hiv, aids, red, african, generation, free, happiness and birth.

The second part of the lesson was to print and cut those images and group them by a category, like colour, direction, typography, photography …

This helped us to learn how to create a mood boards quick for our brand or campaign and in the future for a client.

(Ricardo’s session)

“The world goes pop”, Tate museum.

Time back, we went with Cecile to The world goes pop exhibition at the Tate Modern.

We got there and took a group picture and then while they went to the exhibition a few of us went to get the tickets because we were not aware that it was a payed exhibition.

Then we enter the room and to be honest the first impression I had was ” wow! you can see this is pop art for a mile away!” I particularly don’t really like pop art event I love the use of colour and simple shapes. Overall, the exhibition was not bad, but compare to others I’ve been, it wasn’t worth the money I payed for it.

Brand that Can brief

Today we got introduced to our new brief, that is going to run from now till the end of the term. There’s 4 different outcomes to achieve :

  • Concept board, manifesto and pitch presentation
  • Customer journey and touch points
  • Design applications (2D, 3D, online or print TBC)
  • Brand guidelines, brand book and movie

concentrating the brand choose by us with a social purpose.

What we need: believes, facts, a voice and a hashtag.

The branding is our campaign.

Storytelling is essential.

Social medias as central.

As an example Emily talked about TOMS, and the RED campaign.