Brand flip experimentation

After a first fail for this project I decided to interpret the same text in a different way, by highlighting the most important messages for me.

“i want an experience” vs “I need stuff”

My new outcome…


I’m happier with this one comparing it to my first outcome, but still not completely happy with it. Since it was a quick project and we didn’t have much time it’s a god outcome in my opinion, but I’ll probably come back to it.


My infographics

After the survey for this project was done, an the infographic session with Ricardo, we had to create our own infographic based on the survey. I decided to represent only one of the questions, that was : choose between… ( and 5 options). out of 50 people I received 73 answers, because most of them choose two, and this is what I came out with. (picture above). Simple and clear.


John Berger- ways of seeing research

After my feedback with Susana for all my projects , she suggested that for my Brand flip  it would be good to research about this book so it would help me improve the outcome. I ordered it, but since the book is taking long to arrive, I decided to watch the 4th episode of a series of 4 about John Berger’s book from 1972.

This episode analyses the images of advertising and publicity and shows how they relate to the tradition of oil painting – in moods, relationships and poses.

John berger- ways of seeing, episode 4

It helped me for the project since I decided to change it and use photography for it. I just need to sketch my idea and try to photograph objects related to my text from different perspectives and ways of seeing them.

Cecile’s hot house talk

Last Friday, , our CIP teacher gave us a talk about how to set up a studio and plan our success with a few tips.

1.quick pitch


3.your name?

4.your background

5.what do you sell? research strategy

8.competitor analysis

9.operations and logistics much?(budget)


12.personal projects

After that, she showed us some of her projects for the design fair.

graphic design and illustration studios exhibition

The other studios had their different projects exhibited too, and it was explained to every other studio with their presentations in the morning.

First year with their different workshop outcome, press pass studio with their editions and typographic posters, local universe with their editions and imminent city with their ways of representing London ad their journeys.

Brand theatre preparation

In preparation for Friday studio display, the map and tags are already up and ready.

It took me long and it was hard to place the wood with hooks where the balls are gonna be hanging, but since it’s not really safe and steady, the final spheres will be up on Friday morning .

I decided after the preparation that adding a few more tags will be a good idea and the last thing to do will be to print my connect board, logo, infographic, package ideas and more outcomes from the breakfast unscrambled brief.