Paper to paddle review

After all the morning finishing the last few details for the event, everything got ready on time and the Cafe where the exhibition took place looked very good. All the paddles where properly placed on the wall or the tables. We had a ping pong table in the middle of the room so guests could play and have fun and event the vinyl signage outside the window didn’t look as well as expected due to its transparency, people could find their way in.

On the contrary of what we all expected, the event was very familiar. It was our year, a few students from other courses, friends and family and the people from the art of ping pong that sponsored us and nous vous that made a paddle for the event.

When the live auction started it all went really quick and all the paddles were sold very quick. one of my paddles was sold by our tutor Ricardo.

At the end of the event we had collected a lot of money for children in need and everyone enjoyed the event.



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