Paper to paddle preparation

The exhibition for our paddles is on the 13th of this month and our year have several thing to prepare as it’s our event. We decided to name it Paper to Paddle and we all divided the class in groups. I’m on the sponsorship and auction team. Each one has a main role on each team. My role is to talk and introduce 15 of the best paddle during the live auction and obviously to help with sponsorship and everything else.

As the paddle is meant to be done by Friday the 6th, I had already finished one a ew weeks ago and since I had time I decided to make another one.

It wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be, but since I dedicated quite a lot of time on it,I ‘m still going to show it at the event and try to collect some extra money for children in need by selling it. It’s all for a good cause.

IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7614

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