Infographics with Ricardo

As a way to learn how to represent our collected data from the survey my studio had a lesson with Ricardo on infographic that I really enjoyed and found useful.

We listened to Ricardo’s presentation and then realised three quick tasks as a way to practise.

The first task:

Write our journey to uni in 50 words and follow Ricardo’s instructions.

infographics collageWe had to draw a timeline from the time we left our house until the time we arrived to uni, and draw 3 logos we saw on the way a noise and a smell and then read our 50 words and see how much of our timeline was written on the journey summary.

The second task:

ISOTYPEChoose a subject and draw and isotope of our 5 favourite things about it. I chose League of legend as a su
bject (a computer game). And my favourite things were Skype, the computer, the mouse, the 12 keys I use and the strategy from the game.

As I didn’t understand this task to well I just drew
of the my favourite things and left it like that.

The third task:

Choose 10 films and give them a percentage that add to 100. Then open sheets on google and make a tree map. A way to learn how to represent data.


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