Studio culture week- Sainsbury

As part of the studio culture week, the empathy and enterprise group went to the saynsbury’s design “lab” (as they call it). It was located in the basement of the building, as the upper floor where used for the marketing and business the or “the suits”. At first everything looked really “clinic” and blank, with just lots of computer and clear screens that they use as whiteboards. Then a team of designers gave us a presentation that everyone enjoyed.

They went sent to the basement just a couple months ago, that’s why everything looked so white, but the team asked the architects to make it that way so they could stick things to the walls and make it theirs.

Their presentation was about web design, and user interfaces, that I personally didn’t know about. And they gave us some tips for our work too; to always ask ourselves, ‘Why am I doing it?’ and, ‘who am I doing it for?’.

IMG_7448 IMG_7447 IMG_7449 IMG_7453


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