Look mum no hands brief

this first project is to observe and record the import ‘brand touchpoint’ of a little cafe in Old street called Look mum no hands.

talk, visit, observe from outside. Take photos, make observations and drawings to inform the projects. Ask customers and staff questions.

Then turn observations into a story showing a day in the life of the brand, choosing a format for telling the story: montage, illustration, storyboard, movie, animation or book.

I visited the cafe for the fist time with Joao and we both ordered a coffee and sat down, then started drawing and taking pictures. After a while we ask a member of staff that was on her break a few questions about the place.



Studio culture week- Aboud creative

This second studio was the opposite to the Sainsbury ‘lab’. As soon as we walked through the door we were all wowed by their book collection. We all sat around a table and make jokes about them having and xbox for the tv in their studio, making it feel like home and not only like a work place. Then they showed as part of their portfolio and told what clients they worked for. Zara, H&M, Levi’s are some of their clients but the main one was Paul Smith, since they have been working with them for over 10 years. I found their worked quite repetitive, everything was mainly photography, but they was a video it quite amazed me; a brilliant idea. ‘A suit to travel in’ for Paul Smith collection.

A suit to travel in video

IMG_7471 IMG_7469  IMG_7467 IMG_7465 IMG_7457 IMG_7454 IMG_7463 IMG_7455

Studio culture week- Sainsbury

As part of the studio culture week, the empathy and enterprise group went to the saynsbury’s design “lab” (as they call it). It was located in the basement of the building, as the upper floor where used for the marketing and business the or “the suits”. At first everything looked really “clinic” and blank, with just lots of computer and clear screens that they use as whiteboards. Then a team of designers gave us a presentation that everyone enjoyed.

They went sent to the basement just a couple months ago, that’s why everything looked so white, but the team asked the architects to make it that way so they could stick things to the walls and make it theirs.

Their presentation was about web design, and user interfaces, that I personally didn’t know about. And they gave us some tips for our work too; to always ask ourselves, ‘Why am I doing it?’ and, ‘who am I doing it for?’.

IMG_7448 IMG_7447 IMG_7449 IMG_7453

Kieron’s talk

Last Friday, Kieron gave us a talk about how to make puppets for an animation, and I really enjoyed it. The thing I found more interesting was the materials he uses and were to get them since I make cosplays and it can help me come up with new ideas for the materials I use.

I’m planning on making my own puppet too and see what I can do with it !

Keeping up with work!

As it is the beginning of the course and we don’t have any main projects still going on, it time to start working on the ping pong paddle for the 13th of November exhibition at uni, and not leave it for the last week before the event. So I went to buy the cheapest paddle
and and extra paddle just in case something goes wrong and started to sand it. I thought it was gonna be harder but it really wasn’t. First step for an amazing paddle done, and more to come.